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July 24th, 2010 @ 5:04 pm
It's alive... [
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May 5th, 2010 @ 11:44 am
The week that was.. [
I think I need to split myself into 3-4 people. I had nothing going on for ages and all of a sudden I got waaay too much going on. It's all great fun but.

The album is coming along nicely. Before I go on, I can't say any bands which are confirmed because of contracts and carp like that but I can give you the ins and outs.
So far I have 5 bands confirmed. These are pretty big bands which is what I need to get peoples attention.(No not Rammstein before you ask) I also have another 6 in discussion with labels, they band have given the go ahead for these but it's all up to the labels/publishers..
I had another confirm this morning but he also asked if his side project could go in as well. He's a really good guy and I love his side project but I'm not sure the style will fit. I left it up to him if he can come up with anything to fit in. The contracts have all been pretty straight forward so far which has been fantastic. One band has asked for a big upfront payment instead of royalty, so I will have a think on that one. Pretty cheeky though considering this band is all for it!
The cover artwork is all complete and so is the title so I'm quite proud of that effort.

I started writing the introduction to the book on my great uncle yesterday. It was suprisingly easy. Felt a little like being back in college but there is a looong way to go. I bought a scanner to scan all his old photos which is cool.

And finally I'm working on an aviation recruitment site with my workmate. He's had it for years and it was time to give it the Joomla makeover so that also another thing going on.

So many things so little time
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April 27th, 2010 @ 3:45 pm
Hello again [
Well it's been a while since I have posted on this. I guess I was due back one day so here I am.
What's going on? Well I'm in the process of putting together a compilaton cd. It's been a little project that's been rolling along slowly but nicely for a couple of months now.
I'm also in the very early stages of putting together a small book. This book will involve all the letters my Great uncle sent to my Grandmother during the WWII. He was in the RNZAF, serving in England before being posted to Singapore where he was eventually shot down and killed. The letters are pretty amazing so I hope to start on things later in the year after this compilation  is finished as that is taking up a fair amount of my time!

So here goes...
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September 22nd, 2008 @ 5:48 pm
Return to base [
Am now back in NZ after the longest 3 days since I left Munich! The final night was absolutely Epic!! Went and watched Eisbrecher perform at the Columbia Club. The show was amazing and was a perfect finale to my European adventure. Was well into the beers and ran into Alex the lead singer and had a big chat with him and then did the same with the guitarist Jürgen and bassist Olli. Really good guys and was having a laugh, they absolutely loved the fact I came from New Zealand and loved my work with DeutscheMusik.net. Anyway Alex said I should head backstage, so wandered down where there was the support band 'Jesus on Extasy' and about 5-10 others. Alex came in and said they're going to a pub and we should all come. Hell yea.

Found the place and was well into my beers by this stage, everytime I saw Alex he just called out "Captain Nick from New Zealand!" Was having great long chats with the rest of the band including the Jesus on Extasy guitarist 'Char'. After a few hours the bands had to shoot so we all called it a night. Said our goodbyes, lots of hugging etc. One of best nights ever! Then spent 1.5 hous walking round Berlin lost not being able to read my map due to some alcohol complications...



More found here: http://www.deutschemusik.net/overseas/main.php?g2_itemId=1598

The next day I began my trip back to NZ via London/Hong Kong. So arrived home this arvo after 36 hours after leaving Berlin! Greeted by wonderful girlfriend and my old man! Time for a few days sleep

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September 19th, 2008 @ 9:38 am
Berlin Berlin Berliiiinnn [
Yes I arrived in Berlin today, finally packed up and left Munich behind. Sad to leave as it's an amazing city!! But glad to be getting closer to home!
Got on the piss with Tommi from Schweisser again last night. Well sore head again today but that seems to have fixed my mouth ulcer..go figure. Checked into quite a decent backpackers here and once again the transport system here is amazing! 

Was crazy in Munich last week, it was 27 degrees easily for a week then the next day it was 5 degrees tops and stayed like that for a week. Was freezing! Made walking easy! Also went to this amazing little Indian restaurant for lunch everyday. 6.50euro all you can eat..sold. I became their favourite and they would shake my hand and talk to me for ages everyday. They were sad to see me go.
Anyway time for sleep now as I have a massive adventure filled day in Berlin tomorrow and finish that up with a concert from the band Eisbrecher! Can't wait!!
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September 10th, 2008 @ 3:54 am
Check in [
Well overdue for a check in but all is well. In Munich and have been for a week now. I'm here until next thursday when I fly out to Berlin for 4 days before returning home. Have jst been relaxing and exploring round Muenchen. Got  a weekly subway pass so ventured out to the Olympic village from the 1972 Munich Olympic games. I was just wandering through the old village and came across the apartment block that the Israeli athletes were taken hostage by the terrorists. There was a big plaque outside the door, just randomly stumbled upon it and no one was around at all so was hard to imagine something so big happened right there.
Have been lying in the Englischer Gartens quite a bit which is cool cos the place is always packed!! Getting well brown!
Two weeks today I'll be home!
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September 2nd, 2008 @ 12:54 am
Monte Cassino II [
Well I've just arrived in my Hotel on the outskirts of Rome.This is one seriously flash Hotel. It's on a hill that overlooks all of Rome, so the view is amazing! My room faces the other way..
Have absolutely no idea how I found this place navigating these roads with these totally insane drivers! Sweated a bit over the last few days looking on google maps on how to find the place, then somehow I just fluked it and ended up outside the place.

The last 2 days in Monte Cassino were simply incredible! I arrived in Rome at about 11am on Saturday. Found the rental car place and jumped on the road. Was given a new Renault car, smallish but quick and economical(diesel). Somehow I navigated my way to the town of Cassino in an hour and a half. After another 15 minutes trying to find my hotel I checked in and found my room had an perfect view of Monte Cassino!
I went for a quick wander round town and everybody was having their afternoon sleep! Almost everything was shut! I managed to find a fruit store where I bought 6 of the biggest and juiciest Nectarines of my life and a melon for 6 Euro.
Then found a cafe and somehow ordered some chicken filled panini thing which was brilliant.
Then went back to the hotel and sat in the air con room as 37degree heat wasn't to my liking! Sat down in the chair in the room and just looked at the abbey. Pretty amazing to think Grandad looked up at the same place almost 65 years ago. It is a very very imposing sight and I coul have looked at it for hours. Then at night it's lit up which is even more impressive. It was suicidal for the allies to try take that!

The next day I got up and ventured up. The drive up was amazing! Took my camera and wandered in, free entry which is cool, though not all of the abbey is open to the public. Looking down on the valley and town of Cassino you see how good a vantage point it was for the Germans. I could even see the train station that the Kiwi's had captured. They were well in the thick of the action in this area. I wandered around a bit and ended up in the Chapel where a mass was taking place. It was incredible!! So I joined in and went up to communion and all, being the Catholic boy. After the mass finished I just sat there for half an hour thinking.

I spent about two hours up there then went for a little drive. I came across the Commonwealth War Graves so I parked up and went in. I have never sen so many crosses. From British to Canadian's to Indian to Australian and Kiwi's. I came across the New Zealand section, I counted 280 odd NZ crosses, many of which were from the NZ 2nd Armoured Division. I sat down amongst the crosses in the shade for 30 mins or so. Looking at the crosses, some had recieved visits from relatives and had little things like poppies or photos on them, though many were bare.

After there,I went to the war museum and had the tour which was ok. Didn't really have a lot to it. Then decided I was in dire need of food and my food senses kicked in and I found a Mcdonalds. Hard to believe I was sitting down having McDonalds in the scene of one of the bloodiest battles ofthe 2nd world war!!
Went back to the hotel and jus relaxed watching my movies and had an early night.
Got up this morning said goodbye to Cassino and here I am.
Monte Cassino is well worth checking out!!
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September 1st, 2008 @ 2:55 am
Monte Cassino [
I have arrived at Monte Cassino, Italy. It's amazing and have taken lots of pictures. It's very very hot and my battery is about to die. I think I have put some videos up too they should be up somtime, hopefully:

More news to come...
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August 30th, 2008 @ 3:48 am
Bern and Geneva [
Was sad to see Interlaken go as it was one of my favourite places on the whole trip and I would have liked to have stayed there another few days. Just before we went we went for a wander and I bought a genuine Swiss Army pocket knife and took a thousand pictures. We then went to the lake and sat in the sun fo a while before we carried on our trip. Bern is only 50km up the road an the drive around the lake was awesome!

We arrived in Bern early arvo and checked into our cheap hostel. I then went for a wander and got some freakin expensive Macdonalds. Right in the middle of town they had a Beach Volley ball tournament on. They had trucked in sand and build grandstands around it, best of all it was free etry so it was packed, wicked idea. After getting sunburnt I wandered round some more and went and sat next to the clearest river I have ever seen!

Today we got up an just got on the road for the drive to Geneva. It was 150km's away and we did it in just under an hour and a half. Motoways work over here! Found our place unloaded our shit and went for our own wander. I found a jetty which all the locals use as a public beach.Thousands of people there so I wandered in and got even more burnt after spending a good 3 hours in the sun. Not the best sight seeing 60 year old women walking past you with no tops on. All my school French came flooding back to meas this is a French speaking part of Switzerland. Managed to order a hot dog and a coke and say I don't speak French!
Now just relexing back at the hostel uploading pics and trying to cool don. Have a niceearly flight tomorrowat 8am toRome. Finn flies home which is great and I carry on, on my own for a few more weeks.
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August 28th, 2008 @ 8:48 am
Vienna - Zurich - Interlaken [
On Tuesday we jumped on the train at 740am at Vienna bound for Zurich.
It was well early for us considering we didnt get to bed until past midnight after running into another kiwi bloke and heading to the pub! The trin was well comfortable which was a godo thing considering it was a 9 hour train trip! The scenery was amazing!! Well into the alp scenery!
We arrived  in Zurich at 420pm and walked to our backpackers. The place was ok, not amazing. Went to a Italian restaurant for dinner and gotthe shittiest pizza for $20NZ. Staff were shit and so was the food. Waswell pissed off as the whole city seemed unfriendly, my worst city so far.

The next morning(today) we went for a little explore and took some amazing photos! The city itself is quite nice but was glad to get out of it.
We rented a Volkswagen Polo(very nice) and jumped on the road.We managed to find the right autobahn and away we went.
We stopped for lunch in Lucerne which was a beautiful lakeside city! Had a feed and fed the swans then carried on our way.

The drive fom Lucerne to Interlaken was the best I've ever had. Amazing!! Huge mountain scenery and fantasic clean lakes. We arrived in INterlaken and it's an amazing city. We unloaded our shit at the backpackers whih is real nice,and went straight to the lake fo a swim. The lake scenery blew our minds! We ha a swim then went and played som mini golf, came home cleaned upand went out for dinner at a Hooter's restaurant. After a dink or two at a pub we're now back home So ends the day on a very high!  Switzerland is definately picked up after the poor start in Zurich!
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August 26th, 2008 @ 10:19 am
Bratislava - Slovakia [
Yesterday we decided to do a day train trip from Vienna to Bratislava in Slovakia. It seemed a cheap day, the return trip costing me only 14Euro or $28NZ. It was an hours trip trough the Austrian countryside. One thing we noticed was the huge amount of Wind Turbines in the countryside. Once again the public transport is so easy to use!

We arrived at Bratislava station...holy shit it was like another planet.  We got out and we knew we we're in an old Communist city. I ordered a feed and just about shat myself when 5 locals piled up behind me. Lucky they were just ordering food but the look they gave me said they were thinking about harm. I hid my camera in my bag.
We raced to a taxi and said 'town!'. Once we got to town it was like another world. Full of tourists and an amazingly old city. We wandered around for a while and took some wicked photos. We then wandered up to Bratislava castle which is over 800 years old! Wandered around some more and bought some things then decided we had had enough and caught a train home!

Today we went to an amazing palace which is huge!! Took a thousand pics and met a kiwi guy from Tauranga so we hung around with him most of the day and then had a drink to celebrate the last night in Vienna!
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August 23rd, 2008 @ 1:01 am
Vienna [
The last few days in Munich were awesome. On the second to last night we went for a beer with Mathias Elsholz of Die! and Tommi Boeck of Schweisser. These are my two favourite singers of all time and I've worked with them on various German Music projects. To get them in the same place and the same time was amazing. Can pretty much die happy now. And what a night it was, we all got completely smashed and talked shit for hours. Mathias spoke to my girlfriend on the phone and said she's a very lucky girl! haha. Was a night I will never forget, regardless of the monster hangover the next day.

Yesterday we packed up our stuff and flew to Vienna. It was only a 40 minute flight and we arrive at 1900hours. Jumped on a bus and a train to get to our backpackers. Today I got up an bought a 3 day transport card for 18euro which is $36NZ and that gets me on every bus, tram and subway train as many times as I like for 3 days. So today I went exploring. First of all the public transportation here is simply amazing. It's so easy to jump on the subway with a train that comes every 5 mins. No queues, just jump on and your there in a few mins. Once in the city, the sights are amazing, so old and the architecture is brilliant!! Took a shit load of photos, which i'll put up when my camera recharges. Spent 3 hours wandering the place and sat in a park for 3 hours before returning home on the easy subway. It's so hot here, not uncomfortable, but late 20's easy. Got a txt from Mathias saying how jealous he is that we wre in Wien(Vienna) and to drink up. Prost!!
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August 19th, 2008 @ 6:15 pm
Eagle's Nest [
Rather interesting couple of days. The day before last we ventured to the Deutsches Museum which is an amazing place. Wandered around for about two hours. Best part for me was finding two Messerschmitt fighter planes. After this we wandered up to the Englischer Gartens, which is an enourmous park like our Domain but with part of the river Isar running through it. It was absolutely packed because they have no beaches here, everybody goes and lies in the park. After hanging out there for half an hour or so we wandered down to the famous Hoffbrauhaus beer garden and had a stein.


The next day we decided to do a mission by renting a car and driving to Berchtesgaden. We rented a gutless little Fiat and jumped on the Autobahn. Awesome. Got the gutless Fiat up to 180kmph for a while and had many a Porsche or BMW passing me doing 200+ The trip took two hours and we passed through some brilliant Bavarian alp sights!
We finally found a car park and jumped on the bus which took us 6km to the top near Hitler's Eagle's nest. For the final 100m climb you jumped on a Golden Elevator to get to the top which was amazing.
Once up the top the view was out of this world! Alps in every direction and the weather was perfect! We had lunch in the restaurant which must have one of the best views in the world. We stayed up there for two hours, took hundreds of pics and then made our way back. Amazing place!

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August 17th, 2008 @ 6:52 am
Deutschland [
Set foot in Munich yesterday morning to some shithouse weather and after experiencing the easyjet way of checking in...nightmarishly.
Set up base and then went exploring Munich central. Introduced myself to the 'Stein'..a couple infact..and then re-introduced myself to Jagermeister. Now remember why we parted. Absolutely incredible town, so old, friendly and relaxed. Glad to see the years of listening to my German music has paid off and I've found myself well and truely able to communicate with the locals. 90% of them speak English but they really like to see people giving it a go. If you do then they will gladly help you out. I've managed to order beers, give the taxi driver directions, talk about getting a German sim card, buy plenty of things.
Got well Bavarianised and had a few at a beer hall:


Saw the famous Glockenspiel in action. Very cool! The next day we went exploring again and went up the tower went on a tourbus watched the All Blacks play live at 2pm in the arvo in a aussie pub, plenty of Kiwis there! Good fun. Died and went to even today, went to a German Music store, spent over $200. Every cd I had to have! Saw some wicked sights today and took thousands of pic, put some of them up online


Had to get my photo taken with another Policeman again. These guys sem a bit more serious than the Hong Kong lot.
Anyways time to shoot out again.
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August 15th, 2008 @ 7:56 am
Hong Kong and London [
After yesterday's post we ventured to the night markets..what an experience!! Dodgy knock offs everywhere, prices you can haggle down so easy and exchange rate of 5HK to 1NZ...very easy. So many sights and sounds.
After decided to call it a night managed to get back to the hotel for 5 hours sleep, before catching a cab to the airport for our flight to London the next morning at 5am. have so far only managed 6 hours sleep in 60 odd hours...
The flight to london was pretty un-eventful.breezed through customs and caught a bus to Stansted to our B&B, bus was a 1.5 hour trip which sucked after such a long day on the plane(12 hours).
Bookedino this brilliant B&B in Stansted, a small village north of London.Some great pics here. Went to the local pub called 'The Crown' and had bangers and mash and a few beers before calling it a jet lagged night. Time for some sleep before the munich flight in the morning!
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August 13th, 2008 @ 9:26 pm
Hong Kong [
Flight left Auckland at 1130pm. Arrived in Hong Kong at 630am, three movies and two hours of restless slepp later. Customes was a breeze, just walked right through and onto a train for the hotel in Kowloon(opposite the island itself of Hong Kong. Went to check in and were told we couldn't as it was only 8am, completely forgot what time zone we were in. So went for a wonder and took some photos on the waterfront

Temperature rose through the roof with the humidity. Checked into room go some shorts on and then jumped on a ferry across to Hong Kong. Went up a huge mountain called 'The Peak' which has amazing views of the whole area

The best thing about Hong Kong is the prices. $1NZ is worth about $5HK. And prices are still well cheap. A big lunch today for me and my mae cost us $10NZ each. Got a great little watch for $10NZ as well. The down side is the thousands of hagglers on every street corner all trying to sell you custom made suits or watches. Literally every street corner!!
Just bought a 4 pack of beer from the dairy for $3NZ..pretty good stuff too.

Early night tonight for a 9am departure for London in the morning. All pics are up online here
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August 12th, 2008 @ 1:27 pm
Der reise beginnt [
Am leaving Auckland tonight at 11:45 for Hong Kong. Not the best time to leave but it gives us a nights stop over in the city to check the sights out. All packed now and just counting down the hours..
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August 5th, 2008 @ 8:37 pm
European adventure [
One week to go! Everything so far seems booked. Just booked the last few days of the trip into Berlin for 3 nights, which means I will be seeing Eisbrecher live to finish off the trip. Have now built a new online gallery to put my pics onto. Check that out here. Will also be having a beer with Mathias Elsholz of Die! and Tommi Böck of Schweisser, which is freakin awesome! This time next week it begins...
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April 29th, 2008 @ 12:35 pm
DeutscheMusik.net ramblings [
Well I just sent off my interview with Krieger this morning and am stoked that my next interview is to be with Der Graf from Unheilig. He's just been taken ill with exhaustion and so has been forced to cancel some of his shows. They are keen to do an interview to further help explain the situation to all the fans which is great! The Pupenspiel album is amazing so I'm really looking forward to the interview.

In other news, Üebermutter contacted me and said they would like me to review their cd and give it  a bit of promotion. Not such a big fan of the band but glad to help
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March 23rd, 2008 @ 8:15 pm
New website project [
I have been thinking my new project over for a the past year or so and now I have finally got around to some action. I think this could work and is definately something different in the German Music Scene. I am currently designing the layout of the site, once that is complete I will then purchase the domain name and then get down to some real work.

I have been thinking over names and am 99% sure I have chosen one. It's something easy and still avaliable. I will need a logo to come up with which is always a pain. But I knew from the start which colours I wanted to use and am making some progress over time and I must say I'm delighted how it's going so far.

It's a new concept and I hope many German Music fans will be visiting. I do not have a release date and I am keeping the details under wraps just incase it doesn't go ahead. I will be posting more as I go along
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