menschMaschine (diemensch) wrote,

New website project

I have been thinking my new project over for a the past year or so and now I have finally got around to some action. I think this could work and is definately something different in the German Music Scene. I am currently designing the layout of the site, once that is complete I will then purchase the domain name and then get down to some real work.

I have been thinking over names and am 99% sure I have chosen one. It's something easy and still avaliable. I will need a logo to come up with which is always a pain. But I knew from the start which colours I wanted to use and am making some progress over time and I must say I'm delighted how it's going so far.

It's a new concept and I hope many German Music fans will be visiting. I do not have a release date and I am keeping the details under wraps just incase it doesn't go ahead. I will be posting more as I go along
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