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Hong Kong

Flight left Auckland at 1130pm. Arrived in Hong Kong at 630am, three movies and two hours of restless slepp later. Customes was a breeze, just walked right through and onto a train for the hotel in Kowloon(opposite the island itself of Hong Kong. Went to check in and were told we couldn't as it was only 8am, completely forgot what time zone we were in. So went for a wonder and took some photos on the waterfront

Temperature rose through the roof with the humidity. Checked into room go some shorts on and then jumped on a ferry across to Hong Kong. Went up a huge mountain called 'The Peak' which has amazing views of the whole area

The best thing about Hong Kong is the prices. $1NZ is worth about $5HK. And prices are still well cheap. A big lunch today for me and my mae cost us $10NZ each. Got a great little watch for $10NZ as well. The down side is the thousands of hagglers on every street corner all trying to sell you custom made suits or watches. Literally every street corner!!
Just bought a 4 pack of beer from the dairy for $3NZ..pretty good stuff too.

Early night tonight for a 9am departure for London in the morning. All pics are up online here
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