menschMaschine (diemensch) wrote,

Hong Kong and London

After yesterday's post we ventured to the night markets..what an experience!! Dodgy knock offs everywhere, prices you can haggle down so easy and exchange rate of 5HK to 1NZ...very easy. So many sights and sounds.
After decided to call it a night managed to get back to the hotel for 5 hours sleep, before catching a cab to the airport for our flight to London the next morning at 5am. have so far only managed 6 hours sleep in 60 odd hours...
The flight to london was pretty un-eventful.breezed through customs and caught a bus to Stansted to our B&B, bus was a 1.5 hour trip which sucked after such a long day on the plane(12 hours).
Bookedino this brilliant B&B in Stansted, a small village north of London.Some great pics here. Went to the local pub called 'The Crown' and had bangers and mash and a few beers before calling it a jet lagged night. Time for some sleep before the munich flight in the morning!
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