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Set foot in Munich yesterday morning to some shithouse weather and after experiencing the easyjet way of checking in...nightmarishly.
Set up base and then went exploring Munich central. Introduced myself to the 'Stein'..a couple infact..and then re-introduced myself to Jagermeister. Now remember why we parted. Absolutely incredible town, so old, friendly and relaxed. Glad to see the years of listening to my German music has paid off and I've found myself well and truely able to communicate with the locals. 90% of them speak English but they really like to see people giving it a go. If you do then they will gladly help you out. I've managed to order beers, give the taxi driver directions, talk about getting a German sim card, buy plenty of things.
Got well Bavarianised and had a few at a beer hall:


Saw the famous Glockenspiel in action. Very cool! The next day we went exploring again and went up the tower went on a tourbus watched the All Blacks play live at 2pm in the arvo in a aussie pub, plenty of Kiwis there! Good fun. Died and went to even today, went to a German Music store, spent over $200. Every cd I had to have! Saw some wicked sights today and took thousands of pic, put some of them up online


Had to get my photo taken with another Policeman again. These guys sem a bit more serious than the Hong Kong lot.
Anyways time to shoot out again.
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