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Eagle's Nest

Rather interesting couple of days. The day before last we ventured to the Deutsches Museum which is an amazing place. Wandered around for about two hours. Best part for me was finding two Messerschmitt fighter planes. After this we wandered up to the Englischer Gartens, which is an enourmous park like our Domain but with part of the river Isar running through it. It was absolutely packed because they have no beaches here, everybody goes and lies in the park. After hanging out there for half an hour or so we wandered down to the famous Hoffbrauhaus beer garden and had a stein.


The next day we decided to do a mission by renting a car and driving to Berchtesgaden. We rented a gutless little Fiat and jumped on the Autobahn. Awesome. Got the gutless Fiat up to 180kmph for a while and had many a Porsche or BMW passing me doing 200+ The trip took two hours and we passed through some brilliant Bavarian alp sights!
We finally found a car park and jumped on the bus which took us 6km to the top near Hitler's Eagle's nest. For the final 100m climb you jumped on a Golden Elevator to get to the top which was amazing.
Once up the top the view was out of this world! Alps in every direction and the weather was perfect! We had lunch in the restaurant which must have one of the best views in the world. We stayed up there for two hours, took hundreds of pics and then made our way back. Amazing place!

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