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The last few days in Munich were awesome. On the second to last night we went for a beer with Mathias Elsholz of Die! and Tommi Boeck of Schweisser. These are my two favourite singers of all time and I've worked with them on various German Music projects. To get them in the same place and the same time was amazing. Can pretty much die happy now. And what a night it was, we all got completely smashed and talked shit for hours. Mathias spoke to my girlfriend on the phone and said she's a very lucky girl! haha. Was a night I will never forget, regardless of the monster hangover the next day.

Yesterday we packed up our stuff and flew to Vienna. It was only a 40 minute flight and we arrive at 1900hours. Jumped on a bus and a train to get to our backpackers. Today I got up an bought a 3 day transport card for 18euro which is $36NZ and that gets me on every bus, tram and subway train as many times as I like for 3 days. So today I went exploring. First of all the public transportation here is simply amazing. It's so easy to jump on the subway with a train that comes every 5 mins. No queues, just jump on and your there in a few mins. Once in the city, the sights are amazing, so old and the architecture is brilliant!! Took a shit load of photos, which i'll put up when my camera recharges. Spent 3 hours wandering the place and sat in a park for 3 hours before returning home on the easy subway. It's so hot here, not uncomfortable, but late 20's easy. Got a txt from Mathias saying how jealous he is that we wre in Wien(Vienna) and to drink up. Prost!!
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