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Bern and Geneva

Was sad to see Interlaken go as it was one of my favourite places on the whole trip and I would have liked to have stayed there another few days. Just before we went we went for a wander and I bought a genuine Swiss Army pocket knife and took a thousand pictures. We then went to the lake and sat in the sun fo a while before we carried on our trip. Bern is only 50km up the road an the drive around the lake was awesome!

We arrived in Bern early arvo and checked into our cheap hostel. I then went for a wander and got some freakin expensive Macdonalds. Right in the middle of town they had a Beach Volley ball tournament on. They had trucked in sand and build grandstands around it, best of all it was free etry so it was packed, wicked idea. After getting sunburnt I wandered round some more and went and sat next to the clearest river I have ever seen!

Today we got up an just got on the road for the drive to Geneva. It was 150km's away and we did it in just under an hour and a half. Motoways work over here! Found our place unloaded our shit and went for our own wander. I found a jetty which all the locals use as a public beach.Thousands of people there so I wandered in and got even more burnt after spending a good 3 hours in the sun. Not the best sight seeing 60 year old women walking past you with no tops on. All my school French came flooding back to meas this is a French speaking part of Switzerland. Managed to order a hot dog and a coke and say I don't speak French!
Now just relexing back at the hostel uploading pics and trying to cool don. Have a niceearly flight tomorrowat 8am toRome. Finn flies home which is great and I carry on, on my own for a few more weeks.
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