menschMaschine (diemensch) wrote,

Check in

Well overdue for a check in but all is well. In Munich and have been for a week now. I'm here until next thursday when I fly out to Berlin for 4 days before returning home. Have jst been relaxing and exploring round Muenchen. Got  a weekly subway pass so ventured out to the Olympic village from the 1972 Munich Olympic games. I was just wandering through the old village and came across the apartment block that the Israeli athletes were taken hostage by the terrorists. There was a big plaque outside the door, just randomly stumbled upon it and no one was around at all so was hard to imagine something so big happened right there.
Have been lying in the Englischer Gartens quite a bit which is cool cos the place is always packed!! Getting well brown!
Two weeks today I'll be home!
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