menschMaschine (diemensch) wrote,

Berlin Berlin Berliiiinnn

Yes I arrived in Berlin today, finally packed up and left Munich behind. Sad to leave as it's an amazing city!! But glad to be getting closer to home!
Got on the piss with Tommi from Schweisser again last night. Well sore head again today but that seems to have fixed my mouth ulcer..go figure. Checked into quite a decent backpackers here and once again the transport system here is amazing! 

Was crazy in Munich last week, it was 27 degrees easily for a week then the next day it was 5 degrees tops and stayed like that for a week. Was freezing! Made walking easy! Also went to this amazing little Indian restaurant for lunch everyday. 6.50euro all you can eat..sold. I became their favourite and they would shake my hand and talk to me for ages everyday. They were sad to see me go.
Anyway time for sleep now as I have a massive adventure filled day in Berlin tomorrow and finish that up with a concert from the band Eisbrecher! Can't wait!!
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