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Return to base

Am now back in NZ after the longest 3 days since I left Munich! The final night was absolutely Epic!! Went and watched Eisbrecher perform at the Columbia Club. The show was amazing and was a perfect finale to my European adventure. Was well into the beers and ran into Alex the lead singer and had a big chat with him and then did the same with the guitarist Jürgen and bassist Olli. Really good guys and was having a laugh, they absolutely loved the fact I came from New Zealand and loved my work with Anyway Alex said I should head backstage, so wandered down where there was the support band 'Jesus on Extasy' and about 5-10 others. Alex came in and said they're going to a pub and we should all come. Hell yea.

Found the place and was well into my beers by this stage, everytime I saw Alex he just called out "Captain Nick from New Zealand!" Was having great long chats with the rest of the band including the Jesus on Extasy guitarist 'Char'. After a few hours the bands had to shoot so we all called it a night. Said our goodbyes, lots of hugging etc. One of best nights ever! Then spent 1.5 hous walking round Berlin lost not being able to read my map due to some alcohol complications...



More found here:

The next day I began my trip back to NZ via London/Hong Kong. So arrived home this arvo after 36 hours after leaving Berlin! Greeted by wonderful girlfriend and my old man! Time for a few days sleep

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