menschMaschine (diemensch) wrote,

Bratislava - Slovakia

Yesterday we decided to do a day train trip from Vienna to Bratislava in Slovakia. It seemed a cheap day, the return trip costing me only 14Euro or $28NZ. It was an hours trip trough the Austrian countryside. One thing we noticed was the huge amount of Wind Turbines in the countryside. Once again the public transport is so easy to use!

We arrived at Bratislava station...holy shit it was like another planet.  We got out and we knew we we're in an old Communist city. I ordered a feed and just about shat myself when 5 locals piled up behind me. Lucky they were just ordering food but the look they gave me said they were thinking about harm. I hid my camera in my bag.
We raced to a taxi and said 'town!'. Once we got to town it was like another world. Full of tourists and an amazingly old city. We wandered around for a while and took some wicked photos. We then wandered up to Bratislava castle which is over 800 years old! Wandered around some more and bought some things then decided we had had enough and caught a train home!

Today we went to an amazing palace which is huge!! Took a thousand pics and met a kiwi guy from Tauranga so we hung around with him most of the day and then had a drink to celebrate the last night in Vienna!
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