menschMaschine (diemensch) wrote,

The week that was..

I think I need to split myself into 3-4 people. I had nothing going on for ages and all of a sudden I got waaay too much going on. It's all great fun but.

The album is coming along nicely. Before I go on, I can't say any bands which are confirmed because of contracts and carp like that but I can give you the ins and outs.
So far I have 5 bands confirmed. These are pretty big bands which is what I need to get peoples attention.(No not Rammstein before you ask) I also have another 6 in discussion with labels, they band have given the go ahead for these but it's all up to the labels/publishers..
I had another confirm this morning but he also asked if his side project could go in as well. He's a really good guy and I love his side project but I'm not sure the style will fit. I left it up to him if he can come up with anything to fit in. The contracts have all been pretty straight forward so far which has been fantastic. One band has asked for a big upfront payment instead of royalty, so I will have a think on that one. Pretty cheeky though considering this band is all for it!
The cover artwork is all complete and so is the title so I'm quite proud of that effort.

I started writing the introduction to the book on my great uncle yesterday. It was suprisingly easy. Felt a little like being back in college but there is a looong way to go. I bought a scanner to scan all his old photos which is cool.

And finally I'm working on an aviation recruitment site with my workmate. He's had it for years and it was time to give it the Joomla makeover so that also another thing going on.

So many things so little time
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